How Document Imaging Works

At ITS, Inc., our team consistently provides accurate file conversions into electronic document images through customized document imaging processes consisting of document receipt and preparation, document scanning, quality control, indexing, image completion, and document image delivery.

Document Reciept and Preparation - ITS, Inc. begins the document imaging process by accounting for your company's document inventory on hand and assessing document conversion processes necessary. An ITS team will then physically prepare your source documents for digital conversion. Our team maintains complete accountability for your records. We are committed to protecting your data throughout digital conversion processes.

Document Scanning
- Whether your company records come in the form of paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, or blueprints/drawings; ITS, Inc. stays ahead of the curve and our competition with state of the art scanners used to convert your company's source media into digital images. After scanning is complete, your source media is accurately and efficiently converted into a digital file format.

Quality Control
- ITS, Inc. performs quality control checks throughout the conversion processes. Our experienced team stays commited to our pledges of quality assurance by rescanning defective images and correcting invalid indexes found during quality control sampling. This assures that your source documents are successfully and accurately converted.

- Our team utilizes manual data entry procedures and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies to create index records for your company's converted digital images. Accurate indexing facilitates efficient future retrieval of document images of converted source media.

Image Completion
- Once your company's converted files pass all quality control reviews, ITS, Inc. will output your document images to the delivery media of your choice or prepare your document images for easy storage and retrieval - either on-site at your company's location or off-site within our facilities within our Storage Area Network (SAN).

Document Image Delivery
- ITS, Inc. completes the document imaging conversion process by arranging management of your company's original source documents while providing access to your company's digitally converted records. Your company's source documents can be returned to your company facilities or we can arrange an off-site storage provider. Your converted documents can be easily retrieved through our browser-based QUICK & SIMPLE document management program or we can ship converted media to your company location.

Contact ITS, Inc. to learn more about our document imaging processes and how document imaging works. ITS, Inc. can custom tailor a document imaging solution to fit your company's budget while satisfying your document imaging requirements and needs.

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