Offsite Document Imaging & Scanning Solutions

Off-Site Document Imaging Solutions

ITS, Inc. provides a turnkey solution (prepping, scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval) for organizations seeking an off-site document imaging provider.

Once we receive your company's document data, our team maintains strict accountability as we begin the document conversion process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by team members. After data documents are prepped, our operators will customize a process that uniquely fits your company's requirements for data conversion. All files are accurately and efficiently converted into electronic information.

Converted data files are then indexed by our team members to facilitate future retrieval of converted documents. Upon completion of the conversion and indexing processes, your company files are then output to your company's specified delivery media.

ITS, Inc. completes the data conversion process by returning your company's source documents along with the converted electronic data. Our team can then provide data storage solutions that will alleviate company costs of maintaining and storing original source files.

ITS, Inc. offers your company the opportunity to fully digitize data documents without the overhead costs of hardware, software, time and labor while putting tasks in the hands of document imaging industry professionals.

Contact ITS Sales to learn how our easy turnkey off-site document imaging can impact your business.

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