Document Imaging Storage Solutions

Storing business critical documents and records onsite can be time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. ITS, Inc. utilizes an EMC2 Storage Area Network with 6 terabytes of storage capacity for customer data storage and retrieval needs from our facility.

ITS, Inc. can provide your company with a customized data storage solution ranging from pure document imaging archival/retrieval to a comprehensive, compliance-based records and information management program suited for your company industry.

By selecting an ITS document imaging storage solution, your company will alleviate the overhead costs and concerns associated with filing, retrieving, and securing data against potential disaster or business crisis.

Document / Data Storage

ITS, Inc. offers secure data storage facilities that will allow your company to avoid the many unrecognized costs of operating and maintaining prevalent paper-based filing systems. Once documents are converted to a digital form they can then be copied and stored off-site, protecting records in the event of any potential disasters.

By allowing ITS, Inc. to digitally store your company's documents and data, the opportunity to lose or misplace important documents is virtually eliminated. Furthermore, the overhead costs and time associated with filing records is drastically diminished. Once document data is converted into a digital format it can be placed securely within our Storage Area Network where it can be retrieved easily at anytime through our browser-based utility - QUICK & SIMPLE Document Imaging System or we can archive your data on deliverable optical disks - eliminating paper.

Document / Data Retrieval

Data file retrieval has never been this easy. ITS, Inc. can provide your company with access to our proprietary document imaging software package - QUICK & SIMPLE Document Imaging System - which will put your company's data documents one mouse-click away via our browser based retrieval system.

Our system administrator will provide your company with a username/password that will allow you to access your company's stored documents / data online.

Contact an ITS Sales representative to view a demo of the QUICK & SIMPLE Document Imaging System.

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