Who Needs Document Imaging?

Any business or organization currently utilizing a traditional paper-based filing system needs to seriously consider a transition toward paperless processes within a document imaging system.

Traditionally, paper documents are produced, filed, retrieved, photocopied, and then mailed or faxed upon request. Recipients then often make copies for their records and then proceed to retype the information into an electronic form. The volume of paper documents created, managed, stored, and destroyed within an organization is overwhelming when considered.

By adopting paperless business processes within a document imaging system, your company will benefit economically, increase productivity, and enhance customer service capabilities.

ITS, Inc. can help your organization develop an on-site or off-site document imaging solution that will reduce your company's expenses on paper and physical storage, streamline data exchanges and communication, as well as drastically reduce retrieval times of archived documents.

Investment in a document imaging system will directly impact your company's bottom line.

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- Realize the value of converting pounds of paper into megabytes of data within a document imaging system custom designed for your organization's business processes.

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